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Philani's Story...

This little angel arrived at our centre just over a month ago severely malnourished and under weight. Philani tragically lost both his parents who were shot whilst he was only a few months old.

With no other family, a neighbor took him in under her care and bought him to the centre where he visited our clinic. At the age of 2 years old he was weighing only 6kgs.

It was then decided that for Philani’s well being that we would take him under our wing during the week so we could monitor his health.

He is now part of Rosies class, our toddlers section. Since we have started caring for him his health has improved drastically and we are proud to annonce that he is now at 9.1 Kgs.

He absolutely loves his food and of course his wonderful teacher.

+27 (0)31 783 4013

P.O Box 316, Bothas Hill, South Africa, KwaZulu Natal 3660.

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