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NoThando "We've got love"

Today we would like to share with you a story of one of a special little girls at the 1000 Hills Pre-School & Creche.

Nothando, meaning "We've got love" is barely a month old and is our newest member in our baby room. With much excitement, we decided to take this little girl into our care. On a cold morning last week in the valley it was brought to our attention that the caregivers in the baby room were concerned for poor Nothando's life as it appeared she was having trouble breathing.

We rushed Nothando to our clinic, where our wonderful and most caring staff managed to stabalise her. If it was not for our ambulance rushing Nothando off to the nearest hospital, the day would have turned for the worst.

We face many challenges here at the centre but if it were not for our amazing team things would not work the way they do. We are so pleased to say that Nothando is back with us and is doing well.

We are so blessed!